Déborah Marino







「Lost & Found」プロジェクトで、優秀賞を受賞。2017年にブリュッセルのifaラボラトリーでは「Chaleur Humaine」というプロジェクトで展覧会に参加。

その後、運命の人との出会いをきっかけに、日本への冒険が始まりました。日本の北海道という見知らぬ土地で、右も左もわからない状況で、賢亮と一緒に「RAMS CHOCOLATE(ラムズ チョコレート)」を立ちあげます。


RAMS CHOCOLATEではワクワクするデザインを。そして、ma.ri.noではオリジナルのイラストを使い、布製品や服、アクセサリーを制作し、自分のデザインを表現しています。




Déborah Marino

Born in 1992.

Born in Lille, France. Working in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

I was born in Lille, north of France from a french mother and an sicilian father.

I’m passionate about images since I can remember but it’s during my time in E.S.AA.T (Applied Arts & Textile University in Roubaix, France) that I actually learned how to professionally make them. After 3 years, I obtained my BTS (Technical Certificate in Graphic design, specialized in printed techniques).

I always had a special relationship with printed matters and crafts and found myself to be an in-between artist and designer.
To enlarge my horizons, I moved to Belgium and studied Visual Communication at the Royal Academy of Arts of Brussels from 2013 to 2016. I graduated with a Master’s degree with High Honors and my project “Lost & Found” was awarded.
In 2017, I had my first exhibition for my project “Chaleur Humaine” at IFA laboratory Gallery in Brussels.

The same year, I met the love of my life whom I followed to an extraordinary adventure in Japan. We created “RAMS chocolate” brand and I started my own design & accessories brand : “”.
I’ve decided to combine my two passions : on one side working on exciting graphic design projects for brands and companies and, on an other side, creating my own fabric products, clothes and accessories using my original illustrations.